Le Hall des Pendus

30 years old junkie, Toshiro is addicted to a synthetic drug called « Limbo », Toshiro must complete a mission for his dealer in a  neighborhood of Tokyo.
An area under the order of a curfew for several months due to stranges homicides. The police are in search of a serial killer but the local population is convinced that the killer is all but human.



Sam is a travelling salesman. His everyday life is spent travelling on the road of California, leaving his wife and child behind.
Everything seemed normal, until his car broke down in the middle of the desert and left him stranded in a motel.
While in the sky, a strange glow appears.


Stanley is a smart and imaginative 10 years old boy.
The evening of Halloween he persuades his friend Mickey to break in their elementary school, convinced that the janitor hides a monster.
Equipped with « home made » weapons,  this two kids are deadly set to prove the existence of this creature.

A Propos