Year 2016
Runtime 1h15mn
Genre Mystery, Thriller
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California, Mojave Desert, 1998. A strange glow appears in the sky. Sam, a forty-something door-to-door salesman, travels through the few inhabited zones of the Californian desert in search of clients, yet everything seems deserted. What’s more, his wife won’t answer his calls. It’s as if everyone were avoiding him. When his car breaks down, Sam becomes a prisoner of the empty, hostile environment. Alone and without human contact for days on end, he listens continuously to a talk-show on the only local radio station. The host, a man named Eddy, takes calls from listeners who share their thoughts on a child killer at large in the area. At the same time, Sam starts getting psychologically harassed by strange threats he receives on his pager. Gradually, people begin to reappear and attempt to kill him. Sam has become a target and he must now defend himself. Little by little he loses it, caught up in a paranoid identity crisis. Is he truly the killer they’re after, or is he being driven …


L’Étrange Festival, Paris (2016) – Compétition int. longs métrages
MotelX Festival Internacional de Cinema de Terror de Lisboa, Lisboa (2016) – Room Service
Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya, Sitges (2016) – Official Fantàstic Competition
Nantes Utopiales, Nantes (2016) – Compétition Long-métrages
Razorreel Flanders Film Festival, Bruges ( 2016 ) – Yound Blood Competition
Fancine, Festival de Cinema Fantastico Universidad de Malaga, Malaga (2016) – HorrorZone
Paris International Fantastic Film Festival ( 2016 ) – Competition Officielle
Même pas peur, Festival International du film fantastique de la Réunion ( 2017 ) – Competition Officielle
Festival International du film Fantastique de Gerardmer ( 2017 ) – Hors Compétition

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Sam – Rusty Joiner

Eddy – Sigrid La Chapelle
Eddy ( voice ) – Daniel Passaro

Rebecca Saxton – Rhoda Pell
Thomas Payne – Hassan Galedary

— Radio Voices —
Rita –
Kate MoranGerald – David Coburn
Marisa – Jill Towsley
Edmond – Yann Bean
Leo Galdwyn – Bruce Sherfield
Sam Childhood Friend – Robert Hoehn
Richard Jones – Gary Granville
Commercial Jingle – Nathan Rippy
Sophia/ Answering Machine/ Female Operator – Camille Semprez
Little girl – Berangere Mc Neese
Man – Chris Mack
Man 2 – Stefan Aston


Sam – Lionel Tua
Eddy – Feodor Atkine

Rebecca Saxton – Catherine Cerda
Thomas Payne – Emmanuel Bonami

— Radio Voices —
Rita –
Luana Duchemin
Gerald – Jeremy Covillault
Marisa – Pascale Salkin
Leo Galdwyn – Corentin Koskas
Copain D’enfance – Yann Bean
Richard Jones – Gary Granville
Jingle Pub Eddy – Philippe Llado
Répondeur Anderson – Samantha Tollemer
Répondeur Eddy – Céline Mauge
Sophia – Marion Willemaët
Adolescente – Berangere Mc Neese
Michael Rivers – Matthieu Dahan
Viel Homme – Stephane Boucher


Director : Christophe Deroo
DOP : Emmanuel Bernard

Screenplay : Christophe Deroo, Clément Tuffreau

Production : KuroKitsu, Vixens
Co-Production : Firm Studio, Benzene, Nightcall productions
Producer : Katya Mokolo, Christophe Deroo, Clément Lepoutre, Olivier Muller, Gary Farkas
Associate Producers : Julien Amiard, Benjamin Desplanques, Jeff Guillot, Florence Roudaut
Line Producer : Katya Mokolo
Production manager : Jeff Guillot
Production Coordinator : Ophelie Stavropoulos, Ian Sadler
PA : Sasha Haguigui

Editor : Camille Guyot

1st AC : Etienne Durand
2nd AC : Jules Pajot
Gaffer : Mickael Delahaie
Production designer : Barnabe Nuytten
Props : Thomas Bernos, Mayra Zea
Wardrobe : Florence Roudaut
Hair/ Make-up : Kazuyuki Okada, Cindy Bohn
Sound engineer : Simon Farkas

Original Soundtrack : Christine

Post-production : Firm Studio
Colorist : Nicolas Gautier
Assistant Editors : Thomas Penot, Isabelle Métayer, Eder Urrejola, Solène Cotten, Caroline Collange, Louise Drieu

Visuel effects : Damien Martin, Mathieu Bétard, Oerd Van Cuijlenborg, Valeria Anzolin, Matthieu Plessis, Xavier Reyé, Jean-Baptiste Baudet, Hugues Sosse

Sound Supervisors : Benjamin Desplanques, Gregoire Musso
Assisted by : Marion Willemaët
Sound Design, Editing : Gaétan Chodzko, Loïc Canevet

Graphic Designer : Damien Petre
Poster :

International Sales : WTFilms, CAA
French Distribution : Condor Films